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Vegetables harvested at Nokaru

Radicchio taldivo is a vegetable of the same Asteraceae family as radicchio and chicory. It is characterized by its unique leaf shape, which is longer and narrower than common chicory and has a curled tip that curls inward. It has a gentle bitterness and sweetness similar to chicory and chicory. spreads in a well-balanced mannerよく広がります。
It is a salad vegetable that is mainly eaten raw with young leaves. The leaves that have grown large can be eaten deliciously even if they are blanched quickly to the extent that they do not lose their texture.ないです。
It is a green and yellow vegetable rich in vitamins CB1B12 and iron, and has been cultivated in Europe since the beginning of the 18th century. It is a hardy plant and has grown wild in Japan, Asia and North America.しています。
red mustard leaf
It is a type of mustard with a deep purple color on the surface of the leaves and has a long oval shape with no cuts. Red leaf mustard is added to the market as one of the baby leaves rather than grown leaves. more often than not多いです。
As expected from mustard, it has a unique pungent taste.
Cobb Takana
It is characterized by large white bumps on the leaf stem.す。
It can be said that it is a difficult point in cultivation to form large and beautiful knobs because the knobs do not grow big or crack in the cold.In addition, one of the characteristics is that the leaves are soft and have little bitterness, so they can be eaten raw.ひとつです。