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Indonesia Singapore Hong Kong China Dubai Import agency Purchasing agency requestの依頼ならBlue ArrowsPlease leave it to me!

For example, something like this


In the basic flow of purchasing products from Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Dubai as described above, the commission received from the customer is手数料は

① Purchase and shipping agency fee料

② Inspection fee

③ Survey costs (including invoice and other document preparation costs)

FBA direct delivery is not included in the basic flow。

Awareness of all staff about how important inspection is

No matter how big the manufacturer or factory dealer, it is quite difficult to have zero defective products.が、
After all, in order to satisfy our customers, every company conducts inspection work with the goal of zero defective products.。

Places such as major manufacturers and major trading companies have large-scale workshops and various equipment with a large number of workers.で
It is a fact that it is positioned as close as possible to 0 defective products, and it is also a fact that fees etc. are considerably high accordingly.です)

Our company is small as a business entity, but how close it is to the inspection of major companiesを
All the staff are working with high awareness。

Meaning of outsourcing for customers意味

What does outsourcing mean to our customers?味は、
We understand that you can leave it to us without any instructions.ます。
After instructing to purchase the product, do not worry about anything and leave the purchase, inspection and shipping to Blue Arrows.任せ下さい。
Please leave OEM such as new original commercialization。

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