"Nokaru"Karuizawa vegetables

What is “Nokaru” at Karuizawa Farm Village?

*Nokaru is a natural farming practice in Karuizawa.

■ What is natural farming?

Natural farming is a cultivation method that aims to grow crops naturally. Rather than relying on a scientific approach, we make the most of the blessings of nature, such as the sun and water.
Because we make full use of the blessings of nature, you can enjoy the pure taste and flavor of the earth.
Normally, in order to grow vegetables, it is common to plow the field, apply fertilizer, and use pesticides to avoid the risk of pests and diseases. However, natural farming does not use not only pesticides, but also chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers, compost, etc., and aims to grow vegetables using only the inherent power of the soil and vegetables.

Natural farming

No pesticides, no fertilizers, no tillage.

・Natural cultivation

Grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers.
The greatest advantage of natural farming is that it is extremely safe as no artificial pesticides or fertilizers are used.

・Pesticide-free cultivation (pesticide-free vegetables, specially cultivated agricultural products)

There are some that do not use chemical pesticides, some that use biological pesticides, and some that do not use any pesticides.

・Organic cultivation (organic vegetables)

Vegetables grown by a cultivation method approved by a public institution.
No chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers used.

"Nokaru"where you can buy vegetables from Karuizawa

"Nokaru"where you can eat vegetables from Karuizawa