What is Kiyomesui?

"Kiyomesui"Made by the method set by the country
Hypochlorite water。

Mix water and salt、
Electrolyze using in-house manufactured terminals、
By independent research
With a manufacturing method that stabilizes the pH concentration ppm製法で
I am making。

Born in Karuizawa
"Kiyomesui" 7 reasons to choose

① 99.99 sterilization antibacterial deodorant effect臭効果

② Slightly acidic with a pH of 67 that is gentle on the skin性

③ Three types of concentrations that can be used without diluting

④ Realizes long-term storage

⑤ Clear 5 product safety inspections

⑥ Space sterilization is possible

⑦ Environmentally friendly additive-free manufacturing method

Do you have such anxiety and worries??

・I want to use a disinfectant spray that is safe for small children and pets
・I want to use one that has excellent antibacterial and antibacterial deodorant effectsたい
・It is troublesome to adjust the disinfectant that is diluted
・I'm looking for a disinfectant that can be used around the kitchen
・I want to use something that is kind to the environment
・My skin gets rough

It was born from the feeling of thinking about the earth with such a person
"Kiyomesui" is。

① Excellent antibacterial and antibacterial effect果

"Kiyomesui" Is a hypochlorous acid water HCIO made by a manufacturing method that stabilizes pH by combining salt and water and electrolyzing using terminals manufactured in-house.O)です。
It has 80 times the sterilizing power of sodium hypochlorite NaCIO, which is commonly used as a sterilizing agent, and can sterilize 99.99.が可能。
It is also used in medical institutions such as cleaning and sterilizing endoscopic dialysis machines.います。

It is also characterized by its high immediate effect and a wide range of types that can be sterilized.す

② Safe to touch the skin

"Kiyomesui" Is
『From babies to the elderly
I want everyone to use it with confidence』
It is made from the thought。
Therefore, it is weakly acidic at pH 67, which is extremely close to neutral.性。

Since it does not use additives such as chemicals and preservatives, it has no pungent odor and is almost odorless.。

③Three concentrations according to the application

「You don't have to worry about diluting it yourself or adjusting the concentration.せん。
"Kiyomesui" Is available in 3 different concentrations to suit your needs.。

Disinfecting foodstuffs such as hand-washing gargles Antibacterial sprayer Put in a low-temperature humidifier to disinfect the space空間の除菌

Furniture Cooking utensils Kitchen knives Cutting board Pots, etc. Refrigerators Other equipment Toys Car disinfection Antibacterialゃ、車の除菌&抗菌

Bactericidal antibacterial deodorant in bathroom toilet washroom菌、消臭

④ Long-term storage

The components of ordinary hypochlorous acid water tend to change in quality, and deterioration begins immediately after manufacturing.、"Kiyomesui" Has a track record of storage period of about 1 year. We have succeeded in stabilizing the pH concentration ppm by the know-how cultivated through many years of research on natural farming and our own research. We can provide safe, secure, easy-to-use and long-lasting products. Uses a bottle with high light-shielding properties to further improve storage stability.ルを採用しています。

⑤ Clear 5 product safety inspections

Acute caliber toxicity test 50 ml / kgg)
Temporary skin irritation test
Oral mucosa irritation test
Acute eye irritation test
Cytotoxicity test

Certification of food additives by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
※The main purpose of sterilization is to use it for washing food rather than mixing it with food.的
Rinse thoroughly after cleaningい

⑥ Space sterilization is possible

"Kiyomesui" Does not use additives such as chemicals and preservatives
Safe and secure disinfectant water made only from natural materials consisting of water and salt.す。

You can use it with confidence in rooms with babies and pets.。

You can keep a clean room by putting it in an ultrasonic humidifier that supports hypochlorite water, such as measures against pollen and odors that you care about.ます。
(Kiyomesui recommends using 40ppm)

*Precautions for those who use a humidifier
Hypochlorous acid water and sodium hypochlorite when using a humidifierリウム」
There are many cases where they are confused with each other.。
When using sodium hypochlorite in a humidifier、
Symptoms such as sore throat and headache may occur。

Kiyomesui is a safe and secure disinfectant water made only from natural materials such as water and salt without using additives such as chemicals and preservatives.。

⑦ Environmentally friendly

When released into sewage, it decomposes easily and has almost no persistence, so there is no concern about environmental pollution.ん。